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ikonkaRiddim Tuffa T-Shirt
100% Cotton Male short sleeve
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Heather Navy Blue

Price: £10.00 + pp
t-shirt icon maleRiddim Tuffa T-Shirt
100% Cotton Male short sleeve
Size: S,  M, L, XL, XXL
Sport Grey color

Price: £10.00 + pp



t-shirt icon femaleRiddim Tuffa Tank Top
100% Cotton Female tank top
Size: S, M
Sport Grey color

Price: £10.00 + pp





tfd009 ikonka

TFDLP 001 “Deh Yah” 12″

A: Rebel Vibes, Give Thanks and Praise, Deh Yah, Blaze Up The Highest Grade, No Way
B:  Life, Wha Dem a Spy, Rightfully Mine, Nobody Can Stop Jah Works, Soundboy Lose Tonight

Price: £16.00 + pp



3396-thickbox_defaultRC707 “Zulu Dub” 7″

A: Riddim Tuffa “Zulu Dub part 1″
B: Riddim Tuffa “Zulu Dub part 2″

Price: £5.00 + pp



dreadlocks iconSDRV007 “Dreadlocks” 7″

A: Riddim Tuffa ft. Danman “Dreadlocks”
B: Riddim Tuffa “Dreadlocks Dub”

Price: £5.00 + pp



tfd009 ikonka

TFD 009 “Leggo Beast” 7″

A: Riddim Tuffa ft. Parly B “Leggo Beast”
B: Riddim Tuffa “Worries Riddim”

Price: £4.00 + pp



TKY 001 “An Illusion” 7″

A: Unsoundbwoy & 3re feat. Action Fire “An Illusion”
B: Unsoundbwoy & 3re feat. Action Fire “An Illusion” Riddim Tuffa Remix

Price: £5.00 + pp 



TFD EP 001 COVER front

TFDEP001 “Dancehall Style EP” 12″

A: Riddim Tuffa & El Fata: Revolution Time, Revolution Time Dub, Superlover
B: Riddim Tuffa & El Fata: Dancehall Sweet, Dancehall Sweet Dub, Champion Sound

Price: £8.00 + pp 




TFD008 “Revolution” 7″ 

A: Riddim Tuffa ft. Shanti D – Revolution
B: Riddim Tuffa – Revolution Riddim

Sold Out 




BMB 006 “Nah Back Down” 7″ 

A: Little Kirk & Parly B – Nah Back Down
B: 7ft meets Riddim Tuffa – Crabbies Riddim

Sold Out



TFD 007 “Digikal” 7″

A: King General – Digikal
B: Riddim Tuffa – Inspector Gadget Riddim

Sold Out



TFD 006 “Spinning Sword” 12″

A: Solo Banton – Guns and Knifes / Riddim Tuffa – Version
B: Diegojah – Food Cooking Ninja / OBF – Food Dub Ninja

Price: £5.50 + pp



TFD 005  “Digital Rock 2012″ 7″

A: Brother Culture – Digital Rock 2012
B: Riddim Tuffa – Version

Sold Out



TFD 004  “Nice Time Riddim EP2″ 12″

A: Blackout JA – Music Capture Me/Steppa Style – Good Love
B: Gosple Fish – Jealous Heart Guys/Riddim Tuffa – Nice Time Riddim

Price: £5.50  £2.50+ pp SALE



TFD 003  “Nice Time Riddim EP1″ 12″

A: L. Kirk & Lt. Stitchie – Real Dancehall Music/El Fata – Give Me the Vibes
B: Diegojah – Nice Time/Riddim Tuffa – Nice Time Riddim

Price:  £5.50  £2.50+ pp SALE



TFD 002 “Kill them Out” 12″

A: Little Kirk – Kill them Out/Riddim Tuffa – Dub them out
B: Diegojah –  Leggo Leggo/Riddim Tuffa – Version

Sold Out



TFD 001 “Tell them Again” 7″

A: El Fata – Tell them Again
B: Riddim Tuffa –  Version

Sold Out